Saturday, October 29, 2005
it's been a while since i last posted owing to the need to learn about the twitching pulsating grey squishy walnut which most of us claim to be thinking with, so i thought i'd better post something about playhouse!

by the powers of the m2s who ignored CAs entirely and put sweat, blood, and vast amounts of masking tape, hairspray and saliva into playhouse '05, we won :

1) best script
2) best actress (the bubbly princess eleanor!)
3) best direction
4) 1st runner up overall play!

can i get a whoohoo over here? i'm so blown away by the support our class rallies around everything that goes on throughout the year; from monthly birthday celebrations, to sports, to supporting our dancers during trifac bash (and denise and jiayang, two steps away from being the top beer chuggers!), and now playhouse! so many people turned up at auditions, and even after that, for the past two months i, and i'm sure janise and joey, have had people coming up to us, freshly woken up after a lecture, and asking what they could do to help out with playhouse. and so many people came all the way down to school on saturday to watch their friends kick butt onstage! our class is so bitchin'.

our actors and actresses were so much fun to work with and get to know, and they were always so spontaneous and open to suggestions and all the weird things that we decided to stick in at the last minute, that rehearsals were always such a joy to go for. mary never failed to make my jaw drop with the sheer number of outfits she managed to beg and borrow and steal. it must have been a nightmare to outfit what seemed like half the cast of quidam. for this i need to kowtow so much to mary and co. i will possibly require a back brace for the rest of my life. jiahui and co. also did wonders with the props, and found all the actors little bits and pieces to meddle with onstage. the set was like a ancient chinese polly pocket dream village with all the trimmings, including real fish hanging from the stalls onstage! i don't know what they did with the fish after the show, but i imagine there were a couple of very happy cats walking around KE hall, or otherwise a couple of very unhappy KE hall diners. as usual DJ Wanny Indahouse worked his sound manager mojo, short-circuiting his eardrums listening to a million tracks of chingchong chinaman music and for some weird reason a Puccini opera before picking songs that were just right for the big dramatic fight scene. he and liana even managed to tape the indian music off the Visa advertisement in the cinema, before wayne cowered in his chair like a scared little girl during the scary movie and liana laughed her head off at him. zhongyang and yauhong put up with very unglam conditions as lights managers working with half a stage worth of intact lightbulbs, and rushing down to school early because i made a boo boo. the amazing theresa and greg choreographed and taught all the cast a very jackie chan worthy fight scene that turned out absolutely beautiful. very very violent, but beautiful.

the mighty multitasking cheok and the m4s put up a good play. in my book anything that gets zhentang in an afro wig and a stuffed bra is pretty much a good play.

the m5s were just amazing. every year they manage to come up with something so good it's unbelievable. the story worked, the characters were all so defined and well thought out, the gags always got laughs in the right places, and the m5s actors are always so great to watch. all of us are really amazed by their batch. in one week they managed to gather support from so many people to make props and sew grumpy owl costumes and dance around onstage with big grins on their faces. their big scary exams are just months away and they're still as united as an old rich hakka man and his money are. i hope when we become old, wrinkly, and start having to wade through giant marshlands of big books in m5, all of us will still be willing to gather around and get onstage to play around with rubber chickens and big noisy swords, and have fun before we have to go out into that big cruel world where we have to earn our own money and buy our own cars and pay off our moneylenders before we get our fingers chopped off if that IR thing really works out.

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"they're gonna kill us! they're gonna kill us all!"
the venerable swordsman ben defends susan, harti and eleanor from the colourful band of baddies, hamid, isaac, goodwin, sunder and little lynn.
the wizard of words joey, and me!
purveyors of the Visa advertisement flightless-chicken gag.
chrissypoo and his long wooly braid!

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M2 playmates 2005!

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shangyee, me and mala!
half the cast of OT
princess eleanor and little dragon bun lynn!
post playhouse pigout at ECP

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half our class at prizegiving, after hanboon went onstage and had to spin around onstage like he had bovine turning disease because our players won so many sports medals for Faculty of Medicine Shield. we all shamelessly wore the FMS medals to take a class picture, and for 30 seconds i felt the satisfaction and pride of having won ultimate frisbee before i had to give the medal back.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005
the 10th of october will now forevermore be known as The Day We Threw Zhongyang Into The Singapore River.

shawn loh had jumped in last month to give dannyboy a present for his birthday, which is the obvious thing to do for a good friend on his birthday. i think on my next birthday, i would like all my friends to dive into the singapore river and perform an impromptu water ballet. almost as good as an mp3 player.

zhongyang, however, has become the first among us to enter the singapore river involuntarily. we distracted him during our half hour break with a delicious chocolate-laden brownie cake baked by lynn, and he thought getting a piece of brownie cake smushed in his face was the end of the birthday torture. as he silently congratulated himself on not getting taupoked or lampposted or involved in the usual manly activities to celebrate turning a year older, little did he know that his friends were deviously plotting his fall into the peaceful little body of water that contributed to our country's present success.

after lecture, as zhongyang our favourite little sheep was peacefully lingering around the science foyer, a team of strong boys grabbed zhongyang by the arms and legs and blindfolded him with a smelly jacket and carried him out of the science foyer into the carpark like a pig on a spit. zhongyang spent a brief spell in the boot of liana's car before we decided to transport our cargo in the aircon comfort of the backseat instead. Toyota should really change its tagline for the Camry to "#1 choice among abductors and abductresses worldwide!"

so anyway our initial plan was to drive zhongyang to the singapore river, frogmarch him to the reverse bungee, stick him in a seat, whip off his blindfold just as the operator's finger hit the button, and accompany his girly screams of terror with a rousing chorus of happy birthday! but the reverse bungee was closed, so we opted for the cheaper alternative of whipping off his blindfold and heaving him into the singapore river to rejuvenate him before we treated him to lunch.

zhongyang being the sporting birthday boy that he is, dived into the singapore river belly-first and climbed out looking fresh and awake enough to try pulling hanboon into the river too. happy birthday zhong! thanks for letting us abduct you and give you a cleansing bath! (in some cultures, its a rite of passage to pass through a dirty river and frolick amongst the bumboats while passing out of teenhood! its supposed to bring, uh, good luck! and wealth! and possibly some kind of weird skin rash but hopefully you miss out on that last part!) hope you had a great time turning 20!

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birthday boy in both wet and dry varieties, pre-dunk celebrations and post-dunk celebrations!

we just had a playhouse full dress rehearsal at KE hall on saturday, and everything is falling into place! it's so amazing to see everyone outfitted in the gorgeous costumes that Mary and Co. ravaged the whole of singapore looking for, and the beautiful props that Jiahui and Co. built from the carcasses of a million photocopy paper boxes! all the actors are really getting into it, hilarious moments are being birthed forth onstage out of the blue, chickens are being flung around, and denise-shaped donkeys are heehawing their little hearts out. come and watch the magic of playhouse on the 22nd Oct 2005, 1pm at KE hall! if you only have five minutes to spare in between saving little children from starvation in the plains of africa, and completing your thesis on why monkeys appear to be hairier than human beings, just come for our fight scene. tigers will crouch. dragons will hide. you will be blown away. and it is all free. impoverished students performing with dangerous rusty gongfu swords for free! what more can you ask for in a production?

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villagers ernest, mc the chicken seller, and muggy the fish seller in full peasant regalia; wenhan helping swordsman ben fold up his pink sleeve cuffs in an attempt to help him regather the shreds of his masculinity; isaac marvels at the size of his sword! hamid obviously washes his clothes in Dynamo while isaac still uses Brand X; me and lynn playing with fowl. come and watch us or the chicken gets it!

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Friday, October 07, 2005
katie holmes is pregnant. katie holmes, the good catholic girl from toledo ohio, who once pledged to stay a virgin til marriage, is pregnant with tom cruise's spawn. it seems like a coincidence, but celebrities who resemble britney spears are forever birthing forth children out of wedlock. it seems a bit odd that tom cruise's first biological child is currently being carried by a girl who is young enough to be tom cruise's first biological child. these young girls nowadays think that they're giving men the keys to their heart, when it turns out they're actually giving men the keys to their chastity belts. please kindly ignore the fact that i am a 19 year old girl. i am currently having an out of body experience due to the ingestion of vast quantities of bomb prata, and inhabiting my shell in my place is a disgruntled 80 year old woman clicking her dentures at the present-day promiscuity of hollywood.

playhouse is coming, and everyone has been rehearsing hard! i love our cast this year, they're so dedicated and full of initiative, and they do all sorts of kooky things during rehearsals that crack me up. i feel like just sitting there and laughing at lynn who bounces around waving a sword like a ninja turtle on pot, and goodwin who morphs from mr nice guy to mr guy-i-never-want-to-meet-in-dark-alley, and mc the chicken seller who sells chickens at five dollars each never mind that he's supposed to be in ancient china and to hell with the renminbi. harti and susan are amazing and ben is the cutest little wuxia hero with the biggest sword that the ancient chinese pugilistic world has ever known! i cannot wait to behold our final product, and i can't wait to watch the m4 and m5 productions which are going to be the bees knees as usual.

wayne just drove me, lynn and carol out to thompson road in his jaguar (which wayne thinks heightens his sex appeal), on a mission to demolish as many bomb pratas as humanly possible. as soon as we got there, we launched a ravenous attack on two innocent plates of chicken briyani. we were like four barbarically hungry huns who'd just finished a hard day's burning and pillaging, and desperately needed the sustenance of good indian food. those chickens never knew what hit them. after that we diligently worked our way through four bomb pratas, two cheese pratas, and a honey paper prata before we coddled our distended stomachs in our laps and gazed at each other with glazed eyes and laughed at each others' post-prandial stupidity. who needs beer when ghee and mutton curry produces the same amount of intoxicated giggles? i suspect all the prata was fermenting in our stomach and steadily working its way to our brain. thanks wayne for being nice enough to be our chauffeur and putting up with three annoying little sister-like girls who ask silly questions in the line of "are we there yet?" and refuse to tell him what they're busy laughing about in the back seat, and keep telling him that he's probably going to knock down the old lady crossing the road.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005
i've been watching House M.D., which is a new kickass show about a team of doctors who solve weird and wonderful cases (which inevitably seem to involve evil parasites chewing on somebody's brain) in an impossibly posh hospital. i guess you only deserve to work in a posh hospital if you have good parasitic diagnostic abilities. this is like the nth show revolving around doctors and hospitals (a quick scan through couch potato history brings up M*A*S*H*, General Hospital, ER, Chicago Hope, Nip/Tuck and Scrubs.), and it makes you wonder if people are reworking the same theme because people think doctoring is interesting, or whether the studio just wants to save a buck by recycling other people's sets. But then again people also repeatedly make shows about cops, so maybe anything that involves a high death count makes good tv. it amazes me that nobody ever thought of exploring the whole cornucopia of other occupations out there that could be explored! i mean, don't carpenters and plumbers deserve any screen time? just think. the drama that could be wrung out of our male lead hammering a nail through his thumb, or how Bobby the mild-mannered plumber rued the day the sewage decided to back up on him? the laughs! the tears! the Emmys! i'd better get started on a script right now in case someone decides to poach my brilliant ideas. In case you think my ideas are all stupid, there's a new show coming out called Numb3rs which involves a cute guy scribbling equations dramatically on a blackboard and trying to use math to solve crimes. there is just no way in hell that these people are going to make calculus exciting.

It's time for the once-every-time-an-asthmatic-decides-to-cough Threadless teeshirt sale! and again, every time i try to buy the teeshirt that has a little oriental cupcake on it yelling "Ah munna eet chu!", it gets sold out! and the other shirt that i really wanted, the one with the little orange on it telling a juicer to squeeze him is all out too! is it really too much for a girl to ask to be able to wear an orange that says "squeeze me!" loud and proud on her chest? is it? in the end i wound up buying my brother a couple of nice shirts to stop him from dressing like sylvester sim and destroying our family's corneas entirely.

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