Monday, April 28, 2008
oh. my. word.

for the past couple of months i have been checking out josh grobany news to find out if there was the slightest chance that i could get a massive loan from my friendly neighbourhood ah long to go and see him in concert. despite my willingness to have my house decorated with pigs heads and to have the letters "OMPM" painted on my door, i couldn't find a josh groban concert coming near me.

and now, josh groban is coming to new york. and i can watch him. FOR FREE.

it's all part of the Good Morning America Concert Series in Bryant Park. josh groban will be performing at Friday, May 16 at 7:00am - 9.00am.

i was pretty happy to wake up at 5.30am to get to a powerful neuro kopitiam tutorial. now i cannot freaking wait to wake up at 5.30am to stake out a good spot to watch josh groban's eyebrows go up and down as he sings a song in a language only 3% of the world's population can understand.

it will indeed be a Good Morning, America.

i may pass out.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
a poem i found while reading about syphilis :

Isaac Asimov wrote in Limericks, under "Luetic Lament,":

There was a young man of Back Bay
Who thought syphilis just went away.
And thought that a chancre
Was merely a canker
Acquired in lascivious play.
Now first he got acne vulgaris,
The kind that is rampant in Paris
It covered his skin
From forehead to shin
And now people ask where his hair is.
With symptoms increasing in number,
His aorta's in need of a plumber
His hear is cavorting
His wife is aborting
And now he's acquired a gumma.
Consider his terrible plight -
His eyes won't react to the light
His hands are apraxic.His gait is ataxic.
He's developing gun-barrel sight.
His passions are strong as before
But his penis is flaccid, and sore.
His wife now has tabes
And sabre-shinned babies
She's really worse off than a whore.
There are pains in his belly and knees.
His sphincters have gone by degrees.
Paroxysmal incontinence,
With all its concomitants,
Brings on quite unpredictable pees.
Though treated in every known way,
His spirochetes grow day by day.
He's developed paresis,
Converses with Jesus,
And thinks he's the Queen of the May.

if there were a lewd poem for every disease on earth, i would be the best doctor ever.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008
most people who know me know that i love musical theatre. i love it like lynn loves food, like liana loves dogs, and almost half as much as MM lee loves singapore. strangely, it wasn't watching a show onstage that made me fall in love with musical theatre. the first show i ever watched onstage was The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in london when i was 14. it was a really mind-blowing show, not because of the story, because we've all seen it before in cinemas. it was a wonderful show because of the sheer brilliance of the costumes and the puppetry required to transform an animated film about shaggy four legged animals into something believable onstage. it was more cirque du soleil than disney on ice, and it takes you awhile to notice that there is actually a human inside that giraffe.

spot the humans!

but even with all the mind-blowingness of The Lion King, it still didn't make me the crazy person i am today.

instead, i owe my rabid obsession and rapidly diminishing bank account to watching the Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert on Arts Central. singing lions and gazelle ballerinas were no match for a (relatively) young and swoonworthy Michael Ball, asian representation from Lea Salonga, and Colm Wilkinson's golden falsetto. i recorded it and re-watched it more times than a taiwanese teenage girl could re-watch a season of Meteor Garden, until VCRs went out of fashion and then i bought the DVD and watched it some more. i then went to get myself checked for OCD, but only after i washed my hands seventy four times and turned the lights in every room on and off sixteen times.

"oh michael, i may be about to perish from a bullet wound but i can still belt good!"

nine years ago, we were pretty starved for musicals here but we still managed to lure a few good ones over to Kallang theatre and then to the Esplanade. i was lucky enough to see Miss Saigon, Fame, Rent, Singin' in the Rain, West Side Story, Oliver! and Mamma Mia (thank you papa and mamalam!).

and then when me and xingning journeyed to london and were unleashed upon the West End, we awoke every day to the sweet sounds of the tube workers striking and pigeons getting stabbed to death on the spikes on every roof, had a nice breakfast, and ran like olympic sprinters to Leicester Square where we got cut-price tickets to all the good shows and one crappy one. we caught Chicago (save yourself fifty bucks and rent the movie instead if you want to see actual dancing instead of women in black underpants running around a bunch of chairs like kids at an extremely kinky birthday party. i no bluff.), Bombay Dreams, Phantom of the Opera, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, and finally, Les Miserables.

during our last visit to new york, kim, caro and me went to watch The Producers, which was awesome. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick were long gone by the time we got there, but Roger Bart (better known as George the creepy pharmacist from desperate housewives) did pretty good as Leo Bloom. we wanted so badly to watch Wicked, and i think Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth were still in it at the time, but there were no tickets (because Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth were still in it at the time)! i got the Wicked soundtrack and The Grimmerie and watched the clips on youtube, but i was still scanning the horizon for the day that i could finally watch Wicked from a cheap seat in the Gershwin Theatre with my teensy pair of binoculars and smile a big fat satisfied smile.

so now that we're going to new york for a month, i am foaming at the mouth at the thought that i can pretty much watch everything i want!

in anticipation of the moment that i am let loose to roam wild and free in the streets of new york, i have made a list of musicals that i want to watch.

1) Wicked
2) Hairspray
3) A Chorus Line
4) Gypsy (with the goddess Patti Lupone!)
5) Young Frankenstein (another Mel Brooks musical, starring Roger Bart)
6) Avenue Q
7) Spamalot
8) Spring Awakening (2007 tony winner for best musical, a rock musical about discovering self and sexuality in germany, 1891.)
9) Candide
10) The Lion King
11) November (a completely and utterly unrealistic play about an idiotic american president, starring Nathan Lane!)

somebody control me before i spend my inheritance.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
this week we started our paeds posting, and my face is cramping from making faces at adorable little kids with defective hearts. they may be blue and their praecordiums may be bulgy and hyperdynamic, but they are cute with a capital C. the clinic is so cold that all of us are turning blue, so between us with our blue fingers and the kids with their blue lips we are like a roomful of smurfs.

i am reunited with caro, and this means i have somebody to giggle with again! ben and jiawei are more of chucklers, not gigglers. you need a girl (or wayne) to giggle with. i am also with gentlemanly guozhang (ssrb), freshly back from taiwan and still dreaming of chicken cutlets bigger than a human head.

i recently dug out all my old paeds things. patrick the starfish is glad to come out of hiding, and so is dora the explorer's monkey, but i am extremely dissatisfied with the booklets and booklets of stickers that i bought from the bazaar! lightning mcqueen and the rest of the cars refuse to stick to anything and the princesses are growing some sort of mildew. the only sticker that survives is the invincible giganormous optimus prime, which no child has been worthy of yet.

our tutor, who i cannot help but referentially call THE PROF, is absolutely fantastic. all his patients love him and would probably kowtow to him if the clinic wasn't so small and crowded with medical students, and if their exercise tolerance wasn't so poor. he tracks down murmurs for us and holds the diaphragm of the stethoscope to the patient's chest while we listen to the heart sounds, and yet his mantra is "NO SPOONFEEDING". he likes to ask basic but difficult questions (since we never bothered to get our basics right), to which our usual response is to wobble around uncomfortably while pretending our brains are moving. the correct answer to the question is usually :

"we will go home and check it up, prof."

to which he will say :


i think this posting is going to be fun.

also, we are going to NEW YORK! the land of more musicals than i can wrap my head around. and they have entire stores selling nothing but barrels and barrels of pickles. (is anyone thinking how strange i am right now?) more on new york later, but first i will try to read up on the tetralogy of fallot and try not to sound stupid tomorrow.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
i realised i have not written in a long long time. i have not written in so long that blogger has forgotten me, and wayne has blogged before me. possibly even the terrorist has been caught before i blogged, but we will of course not know this until 6 days later.

speaking of catching the terrorist who absconded from the toilet, i have been doing my civic duty and staring at all short men with limps on the mrt and in hospital. unfortunately, there is an amazing abundance of men who limp in the hospital, and so i look like a bit of a nutjob swivelling my head around like R2D2 on ecstacy trying to identify the man trying to bomb our nation. i have tried to avoid walking near the orthopaedic clinic because i do not want to sprain my neck. but singaporeans, we should all do our part to save changi airport from terrorist attacks. otherwise secondary school and jc students will have nowhere to study, and popeyes chicken will no longer exist in singapore. so i have included the helpful image below to help us all practice in the safety and comfort of our homes, and ready ourselves to take part in this massive manhunt :

besides looking for terrorists, i have been enjoying 4 weeks of gen med posting with one of my favourite tutors ever! she is my favourite because she always smiles sunnily at you even when you and your ignorance are getting slaughtered by an easy question about mitral stenosis. and despite being overworked and busy, she still makes time to meet us nearly every day. and she further climbed up my favourites list with this quote :

"this is electives yah, so i am not very strict with what time you come for ward rounds. so you all can just come at whatever time you all decide to wake up."

if there are words that are more beautiful than these, i do not know what they are.

besides enjoying the interestingness of gen med, with various hearts making various rumbly and gushy noises, and people seeing snakes and monkeys climbing up their dripstand while delirious from alcohol withdrawal, i have been enjoying the company of ben "ahhrhhh" khoo ("ahhrhhh" is ben's noise that he makes when trying to make difficult decisions, like whether to eat yong tau foo or zhap cai png for lunch) and chen "eh let's watch this funny thing on youtube" jiawei.

our post-lunchtime activities consist of 1) sleeping in the departmental offices in full view of passing surgeons, 2) sleeping in the MO room in full view of slacking doctors, and 3) watching funny things on youtube. jiawei is the youtube king number one. so far he has shared the joy of japanese toilet pranks, japanese human tetris, the fastest drinker and secretary in the world, and a lot of mr brown podcasts. this is not because we are lazy, but we do not wish to compete with the combined forces of patient post-prandial sleepiness, visiting relatives, and nurses passing report.

yesterday me and ian decided to watch No Country For Old Men, because win oscar means good show, and also because i wanted to see how bad that guy's hair really was. the hair was quite bad, but the show was quite good. me and ian were trying to figure out what the deeper meaning was, because shows that win oscars often have deeper meanings. i thought that it was about the putrefaction of the human race, or moral ambiguity, or something pretentious like that. but ian's analysis was the best and the least pretentious, and he said that the show was about being stuck in a rut, and not being able to get out of your situation. like if your grandfather and your father were cops, you will wind up being a cop. if you are a no-account trailer park hillbilly, in your old age you will still be a no-account trailer park hillbilly. and if you are a mexican extra, you will wind up dead by the end of this movie.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008
finally, after a month of being locked in loving embrace with a textbook, pacing around the living room feverishly reciting things to yourself and having your neighbours bolt their windows against you, the neighbourhood schizophrenic, and also having your old friend mr pimple take up residence upon your face, bringing his entire extended family along with him : patho is over. we are free. we are freeheeheeheehee!

whilst studying for patho, i really started to hate people who name diseases and morphological features after themselves. even worse are the people who are too modest to snatch all the credit for themselves and instead decide to share it with their good lab buddy, thus resulting in tongue-twisting hyphenated names like gamma-gandy, kimmelstein-wilson, and rokitansky-aschoff. i guess i should be glad that very few people who discovered pathological things are chinese. otherwise i would be forced to remember things like the tan-lim-ong granuloma and the abscess of lee-chen-tan.

i also discovered the effects of taking coffee, chicken essence with american ginseng, a gingko biloba tablet, and some more coffee in the span of three hours. this, disgustingly, results in a rather excitable bowel and i do not recommend it. old people and pregnant women should exercise extra caution.

but now it is finally over and as lianakoesuanmei has kindly pointed out between fits of glee, we have at least 5 months of NO EXAM. when, since we left kindergarten, have we ever had five months of NO EXAM? this is a phenomenon that i am completely not used to and i am having trouble digesting. but i am sure that once i digest it, there will be a me-shaped hole in the roof from me having jumped through it with joy.

we started our five months of NO EXAM by watching the awesome chick flick 27 dresses! carol liana and me, the chicks, somehow managed to make zhongyang come and watch with us. i think the oestrogen overwhelmed him. all the men in the audience probably felt a bit emasculated by the time the credits started rolling. wayne wisely decided to protect his precious manhood and joined us after dinner instead.

but just because the exams have ended doesn't mean i will stop learning. i have already begun my pursuit of knowledge by watching such informative shows as "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" So far, i have learnt that the supplementary angle of 40 is 140, and that the battle of gettysburg took place in "pennsyalia". i am making good progress and will be in mensa very soon!

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

ooooooooooh i just went to watch opening night of Operation Theatre : Just Great! last night and oh my lord the cast just blew me away. the singing, the dancing, the acting, the sets and props are all gorgeous! we've got such an amazing main cast! and the supporting cast totally won my heart with their hilarious one-liners.

the cast and crew of the musical have been slaving away for months to prepare for the big day, and their hard work really shows. if i were to type everything i felt about yesterday's show, this page would go on forever, and forever is a long time so i will stop here. but the show is really awesome, y'all. go watch it. you will see ben tung own the stage, you will see MC charm the little socks off the audience, you will see isaac being the most hilarious thing on the face of this planet, and you will be amazed.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007
i have not blogged for more than 2 months, but i have a good excuse because two months ago, i was abducted by little aliens (they were little, but there were lots of them which is why they were able to abduct me) who sucked me up into a giant aluminium spacecraft and methodically deleted the english language from my brain and replaced it with krcyzzkxish, the complicated alien dialect which they speak on the planet of krcyzzkxgon. i was thankfully able to escape by singing loudly in grammatically incorrect hokkien a song called "have you eaten already and aunty pain or not", which krcyzzkxians abhor worse than any other thing in the universe, and i was released. i spent the next few weeks reassembling my knowledge of verbs and nouns and now i am back to normal. i still have zkryycwx a few relapses but i think that i should be able to communicate more or less normally with earthlings in wkkzz no time.

in the past 2 months, i have been running around with singapore's trusty vagina squad, watching them heroically save/remove the uteruses and fetuses and fallopian tubes of women countrywide! i remember when i did my jc elective with the awesome gynae of gleneagles, becoming a gynaecologist was all i wanted to do. but after discovering that i am incapable of even sewing up a cut in a sponge vajayjay without injuring all other neighbouring organs as well as myself and the observing doctor in the process, i think that surgery is so not for me.

in the 2 months of o&g posting, we were constantly bombarded with OSCE question like "this woman is 32, bleeding torrentially from where the sun don't shine, and rolling around cussing out every doctor in the hospital because she is in 10/10 absolute excruciating motherloads of pain. and she is also 34 weeks pregnant with a bouncing baby boy! what do you want to do? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO??" the somewhat true yet terribly inappropriate answer would be that we want to go down to polar cafe and buy a chicken pie which may or may not be on offer and then go to the student lounge and play burger rush. but we always gave the correct answer which was to insert 2 large bore iv cannulas and take blood for fbc gxm pt/ptt fibrinogen uecr and set up fluid resuscitation and send for 4 pints of blood for transfusion then proceed to brief history taking and physical examination and ctg ultrasound monitoring of mothers vitals then scoop the bawling baby out of the womb in a dramatic lifesaving procedure and pop him into a cozy warm little baby incubator but first remembering to ring up your trusty neonatologist on call and then reassure the mother that she is fine and the baby is fine and that she will indeed be paying for toys and tuition fees for a great many happy years to come.

our tutors were all amazing, lovely people who were eager to teach despite having to scurry around the hospital popping babies from wombs like kopitiam uncles pop peanuts from shells, and extraordinarily good at what they do. through them, i learned about the miracle of life, the importance of effective family planning, the woes of women, and most importantly, to not make inappropriate noises in the OT.

christmas has just come and gone, and once again my amazing mother has deliciously cooked what appears to be every edible beast known to man to stuff her ravenous family with this holiday season. through the combined efforts of my mom and various aunties and cousins, we have been completely spoiled with (numerous) roast legs of lamb, steaks, chestnut ducks, turkey, suckling pig, chicken, cheese fondue, potatoes, salad, marbled chocolate cheesecake, and a lot of wine and champagne. ahh, inducing sugar/ketotic comas is our family's favourite activity at the holidays! we are all now waddling through the house, figuring out new and creative ways to fit ourselves through doorways. i hope everyone had a merry christmas too! burp.

recently, i turned 22 and me and ian turned 2! to celebrate our love, ian took me to morton's where we pounced on an unsuspecting lobster and giant juicy steak! more pictures and updates from that once i get the photos from him, but i had a supremely awesome time. happy 2nd, my grumpy owl!

and now i will go and tackle acute and chronic inflammation until my brain gives out 2 minutes later and i have to indulge in some more television without pity, one of my all time favourite sites for tv recaps and snark! go forth, read, and be amused.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

around this time of year, i am overwhelmed with absolute joy that i am part of a batch of people who will give up their holidays to craft an entire village out of masking tape and newspaper, hand-stitch fantastic outfits til 3 in the morning, dance around stage like happy neantherdals and entranced empty coconuts, shake a shaman staff hung with 4 dangling gonads, go through endless soundclips of geese squawking, and wear out their fingerprints pushing buttons on a lights board. (when i am particularly joyful, my sentences never end.)

it is playhouse season again, and once more, the m4 batch of 2007 have fulfilled their annual traditions of having a play that is not set in a hospital, that has nearly nothing to do with medicine, and putting up a show that is beautifully and magnificently cockanathan.

with the combined cock-ness of me and waynus von yap, our unbeatable playhouse rep, and with the invaluable assistance of joey, isaac, and el, we came up with our final script in less than a week. one might ask, how does one write a play with meaning and moral that addresses hard-hitting issues in less than a week? i must say that i am terribly offended by this. what do you mean when you say that our script isn't deep enough? for your information, we address many issues close to the heart. in the course of our play, we explore the pathos of being chewed several times by a giant dinosaur. if you have loved ones who have once been chewed several times by a giant dinosaur, you will have your emotions churned up within you in a giant blender of profundity, and this play will settle very close to your heart. i realise that having such incidents happen to loved ones may not be very common, but hey, we cater to a very narrow audience. we also explore the gap between life and death, namely the few seconds where hamid tries to cram both himself and his giant leafy hat into barney the dinosaur as barney rampages offstage to live a happy life with his egg.

but nonsense aside, i am so glad playhouse turned out the way it did. two weeks ago, wayne and i were pissing our pants at the thought of putting up a play at UCC, which is the biggest, baddest theatre that we have ever faced. two weeks ago, i didn't know the difference between stage right and stage left. (i also didn't know the difference between leukaemia and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, but that is another story entirely.) unwittingly, wayne and i forgot that we come from a family of more than two hundred people who are willing to give their time, their sweat, their money, and whatever else they have to create something that all of us could be proud of.

to be very honest, two weeks ago, i was feeling completely exhausted thinking of all the things that needed to be done. paeds posting just over. the OT2 songs and script needed to be completed. church choir concert rehearsals needed to be belted out. an upcoming 2 month posting in O&G and a pathology final exam to be taken soon after, with the next school break only arriving next june. my goal for world domination by next december needed to be accomplished. topping off that long to-do list with playhouse rehearsals made me feel very pooped indeed.

but oho! once rehearsals started, the holidays started looking up. moira and amelia once again choreographed a most amazing dance, and taught the dance to the cast in 2 sessions! liana added on a frighteningly funky zombie dance, and it was then that i knew that things were going to get fun. we worked our asses off throughout the first week to prepare for our theatre run on saturday, our amazingly dedicated cast memorising their lines, learning their blocking, and shaping their characters at light speed. if you are reading this, you guys are really amazing. you made me look forward to waking up at 7.30am to go to school for rehearsals. you had me laughing and smiling and jumping around with glee every step of the way. thank you for being patient with me, for listening to me, and for all the fun. and HAMID : you are da man. ever since year 2 you've been rocking your heart out onstage, and now you know just how much we (and the judges) enjoy you.

the magnificent props team also leapt into action right from the beginning, braving cockroach-filled bamboo poles and deafening construction noise as they fashioned totem poles, huts, rocks, fires, a cauldron, and a giant dinosaur egg. and the monster squad, as usual, worked miracles and created the biggest, baddest and hungriest star of the show. janise and mary, also known as the duo with fingers of steel, expended fountains of saliva bargaining for cloth and HAND-SEWED costumes that they specially designed for each individual character. the props and costumes teams, who have never ever cut any corners or made any compromises to quality, really deserve the award for best props and costumes. as well as big giant hugs. if not from me then from someone of your choice who's really really hot.

carol, zhipeng and wongyi : you guys did a mindblowing job. carol, i know you were nearly driven mad by all those geese, owls, crickets, dinosaurs, and the 4 different versions of chariots of fire. not to mention choosing scene change music, backing music, having to squint at the stage and listen like mad to hit all those cues. zhipeng and wongyi, i know you guys really needed 5 pairs of hands to manage all those mad lights, but you did flawlessly with just 2. so props to you.

to everyone who came down, who laughed and hooted and danced in their seats along with dickson, who wanted to be eaten alive by our dinosaur, and who enjoyed the caveman madness, thank you a thousand times. your laughter makes all of this worthwhile.

and to wayne yap never give up : our supreme being playhouse rep who rolled up his sleeves and helped out in almost every department - scriptwriting, directing, props, dinobuilding, lights and sound - what is there to say but you are the bomb. you organized this whole thing from top to bottom, and gave all of us a really amazing time. we salute you, mon.

after playhouse i always write big long wordy entries that no one but me will read. but that is only because playhouse day is an exciting day for me. it's like being in disneyland, and rhasta and glugg are my mickey mouse and donald duck. it is also a day that everyone gets to sit in a hall and cheer on their respective batches as they give their all for the audience, for themselves, and for their story. this year, every batch put up really really good stuff. i couldn't watch them all, but i heard the nonstop laughter during the m1 play, i marveled at the amazing actors in the m2 play, people keep telling me how good the m3 play was, and i laughed at all the familiar questions from the floor in the m5 play. (please let there be videos from the m1 and m3 plays!)

there is a slight chance that i may be biased, but m4s, in my heart, you stole the show. not only on show night, but in the 2 weeks leading up to it. the amount of teamwork, the number of people who volunteered to come down to paint or dance or steal shopping trolleys, and the good times we all had makes me proud to be among you. for me, playhouse is all about having fun, having a few laughs, and giggling at your friends as they kiss and hold hands and die onstage. and m4s, you guys sure know how to have fun.

and we sure as hell know how to take photos.

(mostly stolen from chris and ouyang)

armyumyumyum! 4 x fresh meat!

if michael jackson were a caveman.

props team!

the first person in the history of the world to dance!

daniel "the leggy egg" quek does a happy dance to celebrate his own birth!

in the beginning, all cavemen worshipped a god shaped remarkably like a big pot of chicken curry.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
i haven't been writing for awhile, because between writing the OT2 script, the playhouse script and 2 paeds writeups, there has been altogether too much writing and i am running out of words.

it's finally holidays now, after a long 8 weeks of playing with germy little kids. i learnt a bunch of things during paeds, one of which is to beware the little kids. they are cute, but they also have the power to spread GE. in the last 8 weeks, more than half the people doing paeds posting have had the unpleasant experience of having their intestines shaken up like a coke can and then turned inside out. (me included, two days before end of posting test.)

but doing paeds was a bunch of fun. i learned many important things, such as how spongebob is way more popular than patrick the starfish (poor patrick), how every little girl in the world wants to grow up to be strawberry shortcake, and how every little boy in the world wants to grow up to be a transformer. it is nice to know that we live in a world where parents inculcate realistic ambitions in their children. we have a nation of future strawberry shortcakes and optimus primes, just waiting to make the world a better place. i also learned that it is highly amusing when a little kiddo lovingly pokes her hello kitty walking balloon in the nose, then turns to lovingly poke pofun in the nose.

it is holiday time, but for the past week, an amazing group of people have not been waking up late and have been going to school almost every day to release their inner neantherdal! these people are of course the wonderful, talented Playmates of 2007 : our big boss waynus von yap, our actors dickson, jean, yucai, ben tung, hamid, el, nat, lynn, liana, muggy, wenyang and victor, our choreographers moira, amelia and liana, our sound goddess caroline, our lights god zhipeng, and our stage manager isaac prawnfret the seow. these people have been acting and dancing their very asses off in our intensive rehearsal week, the first week of our precious hols, and i cannot help but kowtow to them for sacrificing their sleep and time and their aching muscle groups to represent our batch. not to mention the industrious props team led by janice, and our super talented and creative costumes team of janise and mary, who have been running laps around the island just for Playhouse. and of course, the Monster team led by lovely li jingxiang and larry the kang, has a surprise in store for all of you this year!

so this is where i tell you guys to come watch us at Playhouse 2007! we're in the UCC theatre this year, which means a big giant stage, amazing light and sound effects, and plenty of comfortable seats which we need you to fill. our cast and crew have put in barrels of effort to prepare a fantastic show for you guys, so come and be entertained! all 5 batches are going to put up excellent shows, so come at 3pm and get the party started! if you have to stay home for a couple of hours to take care of your sick chinchilla, come watch us at 5pm!

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