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Mary the ferocious, permanently trapped in PMS, man-hating seacow!

pirates crash, ship trashed, waves splash, if sarong drop then weesoon flash.

fearsome feminist mermaids! lynn looking ferocious. and hungry. possibly thinking of how to make a shameer sandwich.

photo montage to everybody's favourite sea monster!
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everyone making themselves pretty

the stars of the show : denise's pet puppies!

yarharr! (say the rowdy pirates)

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The definitive picture of Playhouse '06 :

"Yeahh! We grabbed playhouse by the balls! (or by the inflatable boobies!)"

after spending days walking around on a Playhouse high, i finally settle down to write about the hands-down, best experience of my year. the year that we finally won best props, best costumes, and best overall play!

but more than all the cute little egg cup trophies, the best thing about Playhouse is that so many wonderful people got to work together to create something all good. when i first became playhouse rep and had to write the script, i remember bellyaching to anyone who would listen that this being clinical years and all of us being split apart, was the worst year ever to be in charge of Playhouse. oh me of little faith. the first sign that i was wrong was when i asked chrissypoo, smellyelly, and denise the menace, "hey guys, do you want to help out with-" and i was met by a resounding roar of "ohmygodohmygodyesyeswhatdoyouneedustodohowcanwehelpthisyearisgoingtobegreatoohwhee!" joey our resident wizard of words, even though completely exhausted from expelling two year's worth of script from her mental uterus, spent many an afternoon huddled with us over my little laptop shaping the gorgeous script. when we called for auditions, even though it was late in the afternoon, and end of posting tests were the week after that, a whole bunch of people came down to ham it up as pirates and mermaids and sea cows! that was when i finally knew it was going to be really great. alvin and janice, our props directors, fell through a hole in heaven's ceiling, pulling nat and kokwei (costumes), dj wayne and carol (sounds), bang and zhipeng (lights), and jean (makeup) with them.

and oh the wonderful cast! you guys were a dream to work with. we hardly had to direct at all because everyone always came up with hilarious things on the spot and all we could do was laugh uncontrollably and clap like performing sealions! rehearsals were always fun, every single one. whenever you guys did a scene, it was magic. when yall got up onstage and the music played and the stage lit up, i always had to restrain myself from jumping up and down and making absurd excitable baboon noises. even now when i replay the show in my head, i still gibber! you guys made the holidays a blast, and when i saw you having so much fun onstage and putting up such a mindblowing show, my heart just burst with pride. you guys rock!

i only decided to add in a mermaid dance one week before the show, and moira and amelia, in that short time, choreographed a perfect dance to the most maddeningly confusing music on the face of the earth : a mile-a-minute drum song by the Dhol foundation called Dhol Dark and Handsome. thanks you guys, that was one of my favourite parts of the show! i gave the song to wayne to clip, and at 4am i got an sms from him saying "Dhol foundation is driving me MADDDDDD. You are going to DIE tomorrow." indian beats are bad news for DJs.

the sea monster was a work of genius, the credit for which must go to lovely li jingxiang, larry the kang, and wayne the yap, inspired by the fumes of hospital disinfectant in the TTSH endocrine clinic. wayne finally got to use his M-M-M-Monster Kill and FRRRESH MEAT! he was real sad that he forgot to use them last year during our massive kungfu fighting scene, so we had to up the mortality rate in the play so that his life's dream could be fulfilled.

chris, el and i were counting, and 1/4 of the entire class was involved in playhouse! we were worried that this would mean that really few people would be in the audience, but the place was completely packed! i'm really thankful that i'm a part of this class, because when things like Playhouse and OT and FMS games and MUNUS games and Float pop up, all of us rally around and support each other. and that's what we really need to not only survive, but have a blast in these 5 years.

our always encouraging and appreciative Dean of Medicine, Prof John Wong, came to congratulate everyone after the show. He wants to put Pirates of the South China Sea up as a bigger production, to continue the legacy of Operation Theatre! Excitement upon excitement. I hope he makes it into a charity concert, because little children in cambodia need more anesthetia machines. And also, it's nice to hide behind a good cause as an excuse to have fun!

i'm also so proud of chensy and mark and vanessa and ian and eugene and all the other people involved in the M5 play, because it was a work of brilliance. i laughed my way through it, yet it was not without its poignant moments. the script was amazing, the actors were all completely professional, how lynette managed to projectile vomit her lines out at a rate of 5 words per second is still completely beyond me, and the whole thing was just first class. if they'd had a sea monster too, we'd have been in some deep shit.

the M1s and M4s put up good shows too, i'm looking forward to next year's Playhouse already! i just hope they put it as far away from everyone's exams as possible, because i know it is hard to do a play when three days later you have to shade little circles to indicate which bacteria can kill the most people in Botswana.

i know i've said this before in my extraordinarily long winded thank-you email to the class, but thank you again, and congratulations M3s! you're the best batch anyone could wish for!

enough talk and more pictures! (many of which i shamelessly stole from all over the place - thanks ouyang, lynn, ruxin and joey for taking so many!)

my favourite picture : us messing around with the marvellous props! we live in a pineapple under the sea!

wrinkly, old and full of chi - Ah Pek (and me).

the fishy foursome - our dancers nat W, moira, amelia, and siying!
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