Sunday, August 27, 2006
Our time in AH has finally come to a close. Like caroline says, we can't believe we were moaning and groaning initially about how the hospital was too small, the patients were too few, the toilets were too hard to find, and the canteen food was too lousy. Now that we've spent 8 weeks here, we don't want to leave.

The hospital being small just means that it's easier to locate another fellow whitecoat to go for lunch with, to play foosball with, or to violently demand that they return you all the money they owe you. Although the surgical patients at AH during those 8 weeks were vastly outnumbered by the butterflies in Aileen's fragrance garden, it meant that we had enough time on our hands to visit them repeatedly, to talk to them about things other than the large tube sticking out of their belly, and to pick a favourite patient and declare them much cuter than other people's favourite patients.

But everyone's favourite thing about being in AH was the people. The doctors didn't talk over us, they tried to teach us stuff at every opportunity, they took us out for meals and drinks and post-rounds breakfasts, and made us feel like a part of the nice little AH family. the HOs were like big brothers and sisters who taught us things that big brothers and sisters are supposed to, like how to stuff a tube up someone's urethra and other important life lessons. The AH phlebotomists sarah and fidah who are always happy and chirpy are probably the only people in singapore who can make a patient smile after sucking large amounts of their blood.

I am really going to miss my Team groupmates. We bonded together in the face of terror and fear, over avocado milkshakes and free endoscopy room milo, and while playing musical chairs in the OT. This includes our new addition, Theresa The German Exchange Student, who made our last 3 weeks much more relaxing and fun!

So i am going to stop being soppy about AH, because medicine posting in TTSH is really kicking some major ass. I'm reunited with my long-lost most beloved cg mates carol and waynus the yap, with new addition to the family jingxiang, otherwise known as Li the Loving. Seriously, the love of Li is shared among probably half of singapore. Anyway, the first week has been majorly productive, with the discovery of new cute aunties to harrass in our pidgin dialect of "tia bo? oo tia? da lok tia? kah chng tia?", new rockin doctors who liken the learning of medicine to the six stages of gongfu, Polar chicken pies to eat whenever we are feeling greedy, and 50cent drinks to soothe our throats and restore our skin turgor. The only things bad about TTSH are that we are separated from lynn and liana for the first time, and i kind of miss being able to smack lynn's ass whenever i want to. nowadays, i have to check our timetable to find a slot in which to smack lynn's ass. luckily we met lynn for dinner midweek, and it was nice to see the foo-fighter, although she is currently not having the best time ever in her new place. don't worry lynn, it'll get better! maybe a viagra drug rep will visit you soon and present you with a spanking new pill-shaped pillow!

anyway here are some AH photos :

Team 1, feeling victorious and powerful after a good lunch with our consultant!

wayne, mavis our favourite HO who we stalked twice on night call, and me

Doc Ong and friends! He played multiple roles of tutor, teller of nerdy medical jokes, charitable early morning provider of teh peng to poor students, and one of the nicest doctors in AH!

Doc Tan and friends! Surgeon, tutor, and giver of biscuits to hungry students during early morning clinics! Posted by Picasa

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Saturday, August 05, 2006
i have not written anything for a month! this is because i have been busy with many things, like debating the merits of taking a one hour train ride back home versus a one-and-a-half hour bus ride versus jacking someone's car and driving myself home. i have also been busy meeting carol, liana and the little drummer boy in the hallway and watching them do their patented stupid dance, meeting lynn in the hallway to compare cute uncle and auntie stories and hear the latest exploits of squilly the squirrel, meeting isaac in the hallway to be called a variant of mannose / manfred / mannita, meeting wayne all over the place on his birthday to sing him the happy birthday song many times, and meeting angela and jiayan for dinner at nydc because jiayan is back in singapore, recovering from her interview with the chicago sun times about the general temperature of the world and how penguins are giving themselves full-body waxes just to stay cool.

buffets and celebrations have been abounding! me and ian put away an entire underwater world's worth of seafood at the line buffet a while back (pictures pending), and xian organised a judogirls outing to celebrate carol's 21st birthday while at the same time celebrating the sexy unshavenness of johnny depp (pictures pending)! and once again, starving children in ethiopia drive pins through voodoo dolls marked "greedy gobbly singaporeans".

caroline has been so obsessed with doing stupid twitty dances and eating chicken chops and visiting cute little patients that she forgot tuesday was her birthday! happy birthday to my bestest of best friends! may you grow even more gorgeous and smartier and fartier, and have many laughs and smiles and hugs and free rides home and may blood always fill your syringes!

happy birthday again to wayne (who never reads this blog), who is one of the nicest dudes ever because he is always willing to give us a ride in The Jag even though we always make fun of his AmbiPuke airfreshener, and he helps you find stethoscopes and escape from sick perverts on night call, and when we make fun of his wormy ways he just gives us a big fat smile. obviously he is making fun of us in his own head. may you always have love and laughter, and may your catheters always find the right orifice!

next week is my end of posting test, where i am likely to get beaten upside the head with a blood pressure set by my tutor for not knowing anything. while i desperately rip pages from my textbook and cram them into my mouth in a bid to internalise my knowledge, here is the nicest thing i have heard while taking blood :

"poke lah. i got two big tattoos. i not scared needle one."

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