Monday, May 28, 2007
my ortho clinical exam is over! during the exam, i saw a unipolar hip replacement for the very first time. the examiner said "what is this?" and triumphantly whipped a hip replacement from out of his pocket like a magician producing a furry little bunny from his hat. i took it from him and was appalled to find that it weighed as much as two big toes from the foot of an indian elephant. apparently he had been carrying that thing around in his pocket as i saw him casually strolling around the wards 10 minutes before the test. i can only assume that he has a very heavy-duty belt. this probably explains the origins of the phrase, "hey, is that a hip replacement in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

since everyone has been getting all excited about their holidays on their blogs, now its my turn!

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Sunset on Halong Bay

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Halong Bay

as lovely li (and now jayne, charmaine, caroline, wayne, jiawei, ben, larry, sunder and kailyn, because the sayings of li are contagious) would say : My Word.

side note : for all those who would like to know the reason why li says "my word" instead of "my god",

(random person delivers piece of shocking news.)

Larry the Kang : My god.

Sunder : Yes, you called me?

Anyway, i am dreaming about vietnam and taking a lovely cruise down halong bay! it's a UNESCO world heritage site, and from the pictures online and in the guidebooks, it is absolutely breathtaking. you expect cormorants to burst from the water trying to swallow foot-long fish, and to see birds nest pickers scurry forth from the caves being chased down by angry swallows. it also kind of looks like the type of place where they film hardcore old school gongfu movies, where people fly from limestone cliff to limestone cliff and try to kick each other.

and i cannot wait to see this :

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i am convinced that indiana jones is hiding out in here somewhere.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007
it has been weeks and weeks of endeavouring to acquire half the strength of a bull, of watching hours of our young lives tick past in hospital wards, watching our beards grow while waiting for tutorials to start, of trying to figure out whether the mcmurray knee test is supposed to end up with the examination subject resembling a pretzel. finally, today, i got a much-needed break!

thanks to ian the loyal m1 subscriber, we got to watch pirates chase each other around a giant swimming pool that looked like the combined sets of pearl harbour, titanic, jaws, the perfect storm, master & commander, and all the water that fantasy island sold off to the highest bidder when they shut down. it was a peaceful 2 hours and 45 minutes in which the only hint of orthopaedics were barnacle-covered wooden legs.

despite the confusing plot, i thought it was a pretty good movie! the effects were awesome and there were tons of quality fight scenes. strangely, i found watching people die bloody, cannonball-related deaths rather soothing. this is possibly a reflection on how the past few weeks of ortho have been.

because the newest pirates installment is set in singapore, all manner of asian actors were running amok onscreen. finally, a source of employment for all the actors who were laid off after miss saigon finally closed on broadway and memoirs of a geisha finished filming. chow yun fatt, despite speaking in an atrocious accent that belongs to no asian nation on the face of this particular planet, has done a great service for the singapore tourism board. i expect that after watching the movie, tourists will be flocking to our fair island to experience the ultimate dream tropical holiday of being looted and plundered. think of the tourism opportunities! the exciting itineraries for our brand new pirate nation! experience daylight robbery up close and personal when you take one of our taxis at peak period! do battle with bloodthirsty commuters aboard fast-moving mrt trains at 6pm on a weekday! engage in ferocious hand-to-hand combat with middle aged ladies across the bargain bin at metro! oh the debauchery that goes on in this country. visitors will just lap it up.

plus, we have a national symbol that looks too piratey to resist. proof below :

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meet your friendly tour guides. they will take good care of you.

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welcome to singapore. we hope you have safe journey!

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