Thursday, March 27, 2008
most people who know me know that i love musical theatre. i love it like lynn loves food, like liana loves dogs, and almost half as much as MM lee loves singapore. strangely, it wasn't watching a show onstage that made me fall in love with musical theatre. the first show i ever watched onstage was The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in london when i was 14. it was a really mind-blowing show, not because of the story, because we've all seen it before in cinemas. it was a wonderful show because of the sheer brilliance of the costumes and the puppetry required to transform an animated film about shaggy four legged animals into something believable onstage. it was more cirque du soleil than disney on ice, and it takes you awhile to notice that there is actually a human inside that giraffe.

spot the humans!

but even with all the mind-blowingness of The Lion King, it still didn't make me the crazy person i am today.

instead, i owe my rabid obsession and rapidly diminishing bank account to watching the Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert on Arts Central. singing lions and gazelle ballerinas were no match for a (relatively) young and swoonworthy Michael Ball, asian representation from Lea Salonga, and Colm Wilkinson's golden falsetto. i recorded it and re-watched it more times than a taiwanese teenage girl could re-watch a season of Meteor Garden, until VCRs went out of fashion and then i bought the DVD and watched it some more. i then went to get myself checked for OCD, but only after i washed my hands seventy four times and turned the lights in every room on and off sixteen times.

"oh michael, i may be about to perish from a bullet wound but i can still belt good!"

nine years ago, we were pretty starved for musicals here but we still managed to lure a few good ones over to Kallang theatre and then to the Esplanade. i was lucky enough to see Miss Saigon, Fame, Rent, Singin' in the Rain, West Side Story, Oliver! and Mamma Mia (thank you papa and mamalam!).

and then when me and xingning journeyed to london and were unleashed upon the West End, we awoke every day to the sweet sounds of the tube workers striking and pigeons getting stabbed to death on the spikes on every roof, had a nice breakfast, and ran like olympic sprinters to Leicester Square where we got cut-price tickets to all the good shows and one crappy one. we caught Chicago (save yourself fifty bucks and rent the movie instead if you want to see actual dancing instead of women in black underpants running around a bunch of chairs like kids at an extremely kinky birthday party. i no bluff.), Bombay Dreams, Phantom of the Opera, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, and finally, Les Miserables.

during our last visit to new york, kim, caro and me went to watch The Producers, which was awesome. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick were long gone by the time we got there, but Roger Bart (better known as George the creepy pharmacist from desperate housewives) did pretty good as Leo Bloom. we wanted so badly to watch Wicked, and i think Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth were still in it at the time, but there were no tickets (because Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth were still in it at the time)! i got the Wicked soundtrack and The Grimmerie and watched the clips on youtube, but i was still scanning the horizon for the day that i could finally watch Wicked from a cheap seat in the Gershwin Theatre with my teensy pair of binoculars and smile a big fat satisfied smile.

so now that we're going to new york for a month, i am foaming at the mouth at the thought that i can pretty much watch everything i want!

in anticipation of the moment that i am let loose to roam wild and free in the streets of new york, i have made a list of musicals that i want to watch.

1) Wicked
2) Hairspray
3) A Chorus Line
4) Gypsy (with the goddess Patti Lupone!)
5) Young Frankenstein (another Mel Brooks musical, starring Roger Bart)
6) Avenue Q
7) Spamalot
8) Spring Awakening (2007 tony winner for best musical, a rock musical about discovering self and sexuality in germany, 1891.)
9) Candide
10) The Lion King
11) November (a completely and utterly unrealistic play about an idiotic american president, starring Nathan Lane!)

somebody control me before i spend my inheritance.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
this week we started our paeds posting, and my face is cramping from making faces at adorable little kids with defective hearts. they may be blue and their praecordiums may be bulgy and hyperdynamic, but they are cute with a capital C. the clinic is so cold that all of us are turning blue, so between us with our blue fingers and the kids with their blue lips we are like a roomful of smurfs.

i am reunited with caro, and this means i have somebody to giggle with again! ben and jiawei are more of chucklers, not gigglers. you need a girl (or wayne) to giggle with. i am also with gentlemanly guozhang (ssrb), freshly back from taiwan and still dreaming of chicken cutlets bigger than a human head.

i recently dug out all my old paeds things. patrick the starfish is glad to come out of hiding, and so is dora the explorer's monkey, but i am extremely dissatisfied with the booklets and booklets of stickers that i bought from the bazaar! lightning mcqueen and the rest of the cars refuse to stick to anything and the princesses are growing some sort of mildew. the only sticker that survives is the invincible giganormous optimus prime, which no child has been worthy of yet.

our tutor, who i cannot help but referentially call THE PROF, is absolutely fantastic. all his patients love him and would probably kowtow to him if the clinic wasn't so small and crowded with medical students, and if their exercise tolerance wasn't so poor. he tracks down murmurs for us and holds the diaphragm of the stethoscope to the patient's chest while we listen to the heart sounds, and yet his mantra is "NO SPOONFEEDING". he likes to ask basic but difficult questions (since we never bothered to get our basics right), to which our usual response is to wobble around uncomfortably while pretending our brains are moving. the correct answer to the question is usually :

"we will go home and check it up, prof."

to which he will say :


i think this posting is going to be fun.

also, we are going to NEW YORK! the land of more musicals than i can wrap my head around. and they have entire stores selling nothing but barrels and barrels of pickles. (is anyone thinking how strange i am right now?) more on new york later, but first i will try to read up on the tetralogy of fallot and try not to sound stupid tomorrow.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
i realised i have not written in a long long time. i have not written in so long that blogger has forgotten me, and wayne has blogged before me. possibly even the terrorist has been caught before i blogged, but we will of course not know this until 6 days later.

speaking of catching the terrorist who absconded from the toilet, i have been doing my civic duty and staring at all short men with limps on the mrt and in hospital. unfortunately, there is an amazing abundance of men who limp in the hospital, and so i look like a bit of a nutjob swivelling my head around like R2D2 on ecstacy trying to identify the man trying to bomb our nation. i have tried to avoid walking near the orthopaedic clinic because i do not want to sprain my neck. but singaporeans, we should all do our part to save changi airport from terrorist attacks. otherwise secondary school and jc students will have nowhere to study, and popeyes chicken will no longer exist in singapore. so i have included the helpful image below to help us all practice in the safety and comfort of our homes, and ready ourselves to take part in this massive manhunt :

besides looking for terrorists, i have been enjoying 4 weeks of gen med posting with one of my favourite tutors ever! she is my favourite because she always smiles sunnily at you even when you and your ignorance are getting slaughtered by an easy question about mitral stenosis. and despite being overworked and busy, she still makes time to meet us nearly every day. and she further climbed up my favourites list with this quote :

"this is electives yah, so i am not very strict with what time you come for ward rounds. so you all can just come at whatever time you all decide to wake up."

if there are words that are more beautiful than these, i do not know what they are.

besides enjoying the interestingness of gen med, with various hearts making various rumbly and gushy noises, and people seeing snakes and monkeys climbing up their dripstand while delirious from alcohol withdrawal, i have been enjoying the company of ben "ahhrhhh" khoo ("ahhrhhh" is ben's noise that he makes when trying to make difficult decisions, like whether to eat yong tau foo or zhap cai png for lunch) and chen "eh let's watch this funny thing on youtube" jiawei.

our post-lunchtime activities consist of 1) sleeping in the departmental offices in full view of passing surgeons, 2) sleeping in the MO room in full view of slacking doctors, and 3) watching funny things on youtube. jiawei is the youtube king number one. so far he has shared the joy of japanese toilet pranks, japanese human tetris, the fastest drinker and secretary in the world, and a lot of mr brown podcasts. this is not because we are lazy, but we do not wish to compete with the combined forces of patient post-prandial sleepiness, visiting relatives, and nurses passing report.

yesterday me and ian decided to watch No Country For Old Men, because win oscar means good show, and also because i wanted to see how bad that guy's hair really was. the hair was quite bad, but the show was quite good. me and ian were trying to figure out what the deeper meaning was, because shows that win oscars often have deeper meanings. i thought that it was about the putrefaction of the human race, or moral ambiguity, or something pretentious like that. but ian's analysis was the best and the least pretentious, and he said that the show was about being stuck in a rut, and not being able to get out of your situation. like if your grandfather and your father were cops, you will wind up being a cop. if you are a no-account trailer park hillbilly, in your old age you will still be a no-account trailer park hillbilly. and if you are a mexican extra, you will wind up dead by the end of this movie.

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